Football Academy

No matter what professional projection you may have, the training and values taught at Palencia Football Academy are unique.

Football Academy

We provide a wide arrange of educational opportunities that allows our players to choose the program that best suits their needs.

Football Academy

In our hall of fame you will find our most highlighted players since our beginnings


Desde hace veinticinco años “Palencia Football Academy” recibe a jugadores de 15 a 19 años de distintos países.

The academy’s main objective is to offer a comprehensive program for talented individuals from all over the world, helping them reach their full potential through a fully integrated football program. At Palencia Football Academy we believe that training, studying and living in a foreign country is an invaluable experience that helps develop young individuals not only into better players, but also into better people. The benefits of this experience will remain in the player for the rest of his/her life.


We utilize the latest technological advances in physical and sports training, so that all our players evolve in all facets of the game. Our technical staff develops a specific and individual plan for the needs of each player.


Palencia Football Academy has all the necessary facilities for players to develop their football skills to the full. Our facilities are carefully and meticulously treated to ensure they remain in excellent condition.


We are committed to develop our players to achieve their dreams, whether it is on the field (professional footballers) outside the field (coaches, physical therapists, physical trainer, etc.) or any other path they choose.


Located in the heart of the city, Palencia International Residence is just a few minutes from the school and the training fields. The residence is equipped with all the services to cover the needs of the players during their stay.


Several of our players have achieved the dream of becoming professional football players.


Palencia Football Academy (2011 – 2012) 

Centrocampista español, nacido en Senegal. Jugador profesional con el Olympique de Lyon y R.C. Celta de Vigo.



Palencia Football Academy (2010 – 2011)

Extremo surcoreano comúnmente conocido como Kiu. Fue el primer jugador surcoreano en la historia que debutó en la Primera División de Liga Española.



Palencia Football Academy (2016)

Futbolista profesional nigeriano que desempeña las posiciones de defensa centrar o lateral derecho.


Infórmate y rellena el formulario para unirte a Palencia Football Academy
from 15 to 19 years
Boost your career to the highest level


    We can only accept a limited number of players per season. Sign up for a trial as soon as possible.


    We will give you an answer 48 hours after the trial has been completed.
    En caso de ser admitido para pertenecer al plantel de Palencia Football Academy, se empezará el proceso de documentación escolar y deportiva.


    Once the deposit payment has been completed, we will send you official documentation to prepare your journey to become a PFA player.

    We can only accept a limited number of players per season. Sign up for a trial as soon as possible.
    Candidates must participate in a trial in order to be evaluated by our technical staff.
    En esta prueba participarás en entrenamientos individuales y de equipo donde nuestros técnicos evaluarán todas tus aptitudes físicas, tácticas, técnicas y psicológicas.
    We will give you an answer 48 hours after the trial has been completed.
    En caso de ser admitido para pertenecer al plantel de Palencia Football Academy, se empezará el proceso de documentación escolar y deportiva.
    Once the deposit payment has been completed, we will send you official documentation to prepare your journey to become a PFA player.


    Find the answers to our FAQ below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We will be happy to answer any of your concerns.

    1- What level of football do I need to attend the program?

    Palencia Football Academy is looking for talented, serious and disciplined young players looking to take advantage of this great opportunity. Players must send their sports resume that will be analyzed by the coaches of the Academy. All candidates must attend a trial in Palencia.

    2- Where do all the trainings take place?

    The morning training sessions take place in the facilities surrounding the Nueva Balastera Stadium, and the evening trainings take place in the facilities of Club Internacional de la Amistad

    3- How are the training groups configured?

    Each participant will be evaluated to place them in the category (age) and level to which they belong, so they can compete at their highest level. During the morning trainings we will work to develop individual skills, while in the evening sessions, we focus on team training

    4- The practice field, is it natural grass or artificial grass?

    The morning sessions are on artificial grass, and the evening sessions are on natural grass.

    5- What languages do the coaches of the Academy speak?

    The coaches of the Academy speak English and Spanish, but Spanish will be the primary language spoken so players get used to the local language, especially in terms of football vocabulary.

    6- Are parents allowed to visit during training?

    Parents can visit training sessions just as long as they do not interfere in any of the drills or activities that are taking place. We ask that any family member inform us of their visit prior to practice.


    7- How do you combine training and studies?

    Academic studies are tailored to the athlete's needs, so the schedule is adapted to allow players to conduct their training sessions without interfering with regular academic studies.

    8- Where are the studies carried out?

    Depending on the age of the players and their preferences, studies may be carried out at Palencia International Junior College or other school. If you want to know more about our school, you can visit

    9- When does the academic year begin?

    The academic year begins in September and lasts until mid-June. There is a stop for the Christmas and Easter holidays. The residence remains open during all holidays.


    10- Are there any other activities besides training?

    Between different training sessions, school classes, and homework, there isn't much time left for additional activities. During those days when the players do not have school, our staff organizes activities to break the daily routine.

    11- Do you have a phone in the residence?

    The residence has a phone available for incoming calls. There is also an emergency number available. All residents use their own phones to communicate with family and friends, WIFI is free and available in all the bedrooms.

    12- Are cell phones allowed all the time during the program?

    Cell phones must be kept away during school hours. They can be used during students' free time.

    13- When is the best time to call?

    We recommend once you know your child's schedule, to call during his/her free time.

    14- How can I contact the Academy staff?

    You can call the office at any time. We will provide you the contact of the coordinator, the residence, and emergency number.

    15- Are there prohibited articles in the Academy?

    Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are strictly prohibited during the program. Any possession of illegal substances will be subject to immediate expulsion.

    16- How do you handle the bad behavior of a participant?

    Participants must respect other participants and staff and follow daily planning and basic rules. Any serious misbehavior will be subject to immediate expulsion. The parent or guardian will be notified immediately and will have to purchase the return ticket.


    17- How is the accommodation? How are rooms assigned?

    Single and double rooms. Double rooms will be shared among participants of the same age. All rooms have private bathrooms.

    18- Are sheets / pillows provided by the residence?

    The residence offers duvets, sheets and pillows that are changed once a week. We recommend taking at least one personal towel.

    19- Is there internet access for participants to send emails to their parents?

    Wifi is available throughout the entire residence.

    20- How about meals at the residence?

    Participants will have breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner at the residence.

    There is the option of a special diet if specified by the parents.

    21- Are parents allowed to visit during the duration of the program?

    Parents can visit participants in the residence with prior notice and at a specific time so as not to disturb the routine of the program. We ask family members to respect school and training hours during the visit.

    22- How many participants are allowed in the academic soccer program?

    For quality reasons, spaces are limited.


    23- How do you handle a minor traveling alone?

    When you purchase the airline ticket, you must specify to the airline that there will be a minor traveling alone and they will give you the details on what to do

    An additional charge applies to the airline for this service; you must pay the full amount of the round trip.

    24- Do I need a student visa?

    If you decided to come to the annual program and you are from outside the EU, a student visa will be required. We will provide you with the invitation letter and all necessary documents to process the visa requirements. We recommend starting this process as soon as possible, as it takes time to complete all the requirements for visa acceptance.

    25- Do I need vaccines?

    Vaccines are not required when traveling between Europe, the United States, or Canada and Spain. We will need the participant's immunization records, as this is a school requirement.

    26- Does the price include airfare?

    No, it does not. You are in charge of obtaining airline tickets, you must provide us with all arrival / departure information to organize airport transfers if needed.

    27- How much money should I give my player?

    No additional money is needed throughout the development of the program. We recommend providing with money in case of the purchase of any essentials, souvenirs, and miscellaneous or additional activities your player may want to do.


    We are specialists in the selection
    and training of players who,
    in addition to having innate soccer talent,
    are passionate athletes
    who are willing to make
    sacrifices to achieve their dream
    of becoming
    professional soccer players.

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